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Hemorrhoids have always been an unavoidable privacy topic in today's society. Old people always say "ten people have nine hemorrhoids, ten women have ten hemorrhoids", but is this really the case? Relevant data show that the current domestic incidence of hemorrhoids is one of the highest in the worl



Who is the "mortal enemy" of hemorrhoids

If you are young, and were happily eating hot pot and singing songs, suddenly one day, after going to the toilet, you find that the toilet paper is stained with bright red blood. At this time, you will be very worried: What is wrong with me? Do you have bowel cancer? Don't panic, in most cases it sh



Do many people really get hemorrhoids?

Nine hemorrhoids in ten people do not need to be treated" is wrong. No need for treatment refers to hemorrhoids that do not show symptoms, but once they have symptoms such as bleeding, prolapse, and pain, they do not treat and care about it, it will aggravate their own pain and cause health hazards.



5 points to say goodbye to hemorrhoids

1. ControlAs the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth", the "control" mentioned here means to control the "intake": friends with hemorrhoids should have a light diet, and tonic should be based on nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness.The diet should be strictly controlled, especially foods t

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