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health care Hemorrhoids treatment gel

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According to investigations, hemorrhoids are a common disease and high-incidence disease worldwide, with an incidence rate of more than 50%. Due to the special location of hemorrhoids, most mild to moderate patients often choose to go to pharmacies to purchase medicines and then self-medicate. Only



TCM experience in treating hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common and frequently-occurring disease, as the saying goes:"Nine hemorrhoids in ten people", according to the general survey, the incidence rate reached 60%.China is the country that has the earliest knowledge of hemorrhoids. The word "hemorrhoids" existed in BC. Hemorrhoids have



Treating hemorrhoids is so simple

There is a disease that makes people suffered in the world."It" has a very high incidence, which can make people feel painful and unhappy;"It" can easily cause many diseases, such as anemia, and even cover up the symptoms of rectal cancer;"It" is an unspeakable concealment, so many people, especiall



What is hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a popular name, but in fact it is not a sore, but a venous disease in the anus. Under normal circumstances, when a person continues to defecate, the intravenous pressure at the bottom of the anus and anal mucosa will increase repeatedly, the veins will continue to swell, and then one

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