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men hyperplasia gel quotation

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Prostatic hypertrophy can be treated with drugs to relax the muscles of the bladder opening and urethra opening, and make urine smooth, but the disadvantage is that there is no effect if you don't take medicine,



The role and efficacy of prostate gel

Prostate gel is mainly a product for patients with prostate diseases. It can help to care for the health of the prostate. It may also be effective in preventing some prostate diseases. Of course, this information may only be at the stage of hearing. Let's learn more about the role and efficacy of prostate gel.



Develop Chinese herbal medicine industry according to local conditions

During the "Eleventh" period, Huang Luqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, went deep into the cultivation bases of Chinese medicinal materials in impoverished mountainous areas such as Yunnan, Hunan, and Guangxi. Authentic medicinal materials such as Muxiang, Yundanggui, and Huangjing "consult the pulse". In recent years, he led the team through field investigations, completed the distribution of more than 100 high-quality authentic medicinal materials, recommended 265 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials suitable for planting in poverty-stricken areas, and released my country’s first "Compilation of Authentic Medicinal Materials Standards". Explore a road that combines poverty alleviation and green development.



Benefiting the world with Chinese medicine

Benefiting the world with Chinese medicineOn November 28, 2020, the first Chinese Medicine Modernization Forum hosted by TMR Publishing Group and undertaken by Peili Group was successfully held in Guizhou Province. Experts from multiple disciplines from both sides of the strait and Hong Kong gathere

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