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Relevant people said that the international status and influence of Chinese medicine should be further strengthened. There is a process of accumulation. The length of this process is determined by two internal and external factors: the internal cause is to combine the advantages and characteristics



Benefiting the world with Chinese medicine

Benefiting the world with Chinese medicineOn November 28, 2020, the first Chinese Medicine Modernization Forum hosted by TMR Publishing Group and undertaken by Peili Group was successfully held in Guizhou Province. Experts from multiple disciplines from both sides of the strait and Hong Kong gathere



Cross-border integration to experience Chinese medicine culture

Russian girl Masha is 17 years old. She was diagnosed with dysplasia of the corpus callosum since she was a child. She was characterized by poor coordination of the limbs and poor verbal expression. In 2015, through a friend's introduction, Martha came to a hospital in Shaanxi of the China Rehabilit



The charm of Chinese medicine

At present, Chinese medicine has spread to 183 countries and regions, and China has signed special Chinese medicine cooperation agreements with more than 40 foreign governments, regions and organizations. Statistics show that every year more than 13,000 international students come to China to study

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