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urinary inflammation

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The health of the male prostate has a great impact on sexual life, so preventive measures should be taken for prostatitis, because among many prostate diseases, prostatitis is one of the common diseases, if you accidentally get prostatitis , To determine what type of prostatitis is, and then use pro



What are the life prescriptions for prostate cancer

20 What are the manifestations of prostate cancer?Because prostate cancer mostly originates in the peripheral zone of the prostate, the onset is relatively insidious and the growth is relatively slow. Therefore, early prostate cancer may have no signs of warning, but the serum PSA value is increased



What's the function of the prostate gel

prostate gel is the most common andrological disease. However, the harm of the prostate is not small. I believe everyone knows thatprostate gel will directly affect the sexual function of patients. Some male patients will experience impotence and even premature ejaculation. Case.



What examinations are needed for prostate hyperplasia

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