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vagina tightening gel suppliers

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The characterized are as follows: 1. its raw material composition and corresponding parts by weight are: 22-30 parts of aloe vera, 17-26 parts of dandelion, 16-24 parts of pteris, 10-15 parts of safflower, 6-12 parts of schisandra .2. A female reducing yin detox gel according to claim 1, wherein th



Advantages of the vaginal detox gel

Basic introductioneditIn ancient Greece, women often covered wood with linen cloth and used it as a tampon.The catheter-type tampon was invented by Dr. Earle Haas of Denver, USA in 1929, applied for a patent in 1931, and went on the market in the US in 1936. Another theory is that the tampon is a fe



Let the goodness of Chinese medicine be clear and visible--"Two Sessions Health Policy" Chinese Medicine Forum

This forum invited Professor Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and representative of the National People's Congress, and Professor Liu Qingquan, an advanced individual in the nation's fight against new coronary pneumonia, and the dean of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to attend. Zhang Bin, chairman of Guangyuyuan, Zhang Peihao, deputy general manager of Shanghai National Group Health Technology, Zhang Yansen, chairman of Tianjin Tongrentang Group, Hongrentang Pharmaceutical, and Wang Yantao, vice president of Donge Ejiao, attended the forum. Focusing on the theme of "Inheriting the Essence and Keeping Upright Innovation", we will conduct in-depth dialogues on current focus issues such as insufficient inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, explore methods for evaluating the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, and make suggestions for the two sessions in 2021, and contribute to the high-quality development of t



The role and efficacy of personal care gel

For personal care gel, eat more externally applied vaginal shrinking gel. It is an intra-vaginal maintenance product to deal with vaginal looseness and dry hair. What are the effects and functions of the personal care gel? What are the effects and functions of the personal care gel? Let's start a simple grasp and understanding of this problem. I look forward to the following points to help everyone! Private care gel is an intravaginal maintenance product for externally applied liquid suspicious gel preparations. There are many brands in the private care sales market, but not all of them are safe and reasonable. Therefore, it is necessary to select it first. You have to be cautious.

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