Vaginal relaxation: a few things you have to know
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Vaginal relaxation: a few things you have to know

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Sisters, you will talk about body shape and weight with your friends, but "vaginal slack", cough cough, can you easily say these words? Many sisters feel that this has nothing to do with me, and my boyfriend/husband has never complained. Is it really?

Don't be too busy to irritate the man's duplicity. This kind of thing is supposed to be "tight", but does your man dare to speak? No matter how good his mouth is, it is better to look at his honest body. Not only for men, your experience will also decline and even affect orgasm. So, are you still "tight"?

If you want to be firm as before, Xiaoyu teaches you a simple and easy-to-learn trick: practice your pelvic floor muscles! Is vaginal relaxation related to pelvic floor muscles?

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The relationship is big! The pelvic floor muscles are a circle of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, like a spring bed, supporting the abdominal organs, such as women's vagina, bladder, uterus, rectum, etc. Through contraction and relaxation, the pelvic floor muscles control urination, defecation, sexual pleasure, and maintain vaginal tightening and many other physiological functions.

"Vaginal relaxation" is a symptom of pelvic floor disease, the full name of this disease is female pelvic floor dysfunction disease (PFD). Pelvic floor muscles have such a big influence on sex life?

The pubococcygeus muscle in the inner layer of the pelvic floor muscle is the famous PC muscle. The contraction of the PC muscle can control the contraction of the vagina, and also control the woman's sexual response ability and sexual satisfaction.

The outer muscles of the pelvic floor muscles also play an important role during orgasm. Ischiocavernosus muscle (also called clitoral erectile muscle): The contraction of this muscle can directly compress the penis and the clitoris corpus cavernosum, prevent the return of blood, make the corpus cavernosum hyperemia and cause erection.

The bulbocavernos muscle is also very important in orgasm: the strong contractile bulbocavernos muscle makes the vagina grip more obvious, and the adequate blood supply also makes the orgasm response stronger.

Have you never had a baby, will your vagina not relax?

Vaginal slack is the result of having a baby loose the vagina, so as long as you don't have a baby, this problem will be solved! This kind of thinking is too one-sided, but there are still many sisters who firmly believe in it, no wonder there are so many fears of childbirth. I have to be fair, in women, the cause of vaginal relaxation is the child.

During pregnancy, the weight of the uterus and fetus presses on the pelvic floor, and the damage to the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth may cause the vagina to relax. However, relaxation is not just about having children! Fairies who are not pregnant, at a young age, will also experience vaginal relaxation and pelvic floor muscle relaxation!

Obesity, chronic cough, constipation...These factors will all lead to increased pressure in the abdominal cavity of a woman, which in turn will increase the pressure in the pelvic cavity and cause relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. Even if we have avoided these, the age factor is also a "catastrophe" that we cannot escape. Just as the face will age, the pelvic floor muscle strength will also decrease with age. When the pelvic floor is loose and weak enough to support the vagina, its physiological functions will naturally be hindered.

Slack, how to tighten?

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is currently internationally recognized as the best vaginal shrinking exercise. How to do it Four steps can be done: empty the bladder-confirm the position of the pelvic floor muscles-contract the pelvic floor muscles-relax the pelvic floor muscles. Pay attention to the time of contraction and relaxation. Usually contract for 5-10 seconds and relax for 5-10 seconds. It is recommended to train the pelvic floor muscles for a group of 8-10 times, 2-3 groups a day. The specific number of times and contraction intensity depend on individual circumstances.

It is not difficult to do Kegel exercises, you can practice it anytime, anywhere, whether you are standing, lying, or sitting, as long as it suits you. The important thing is to master the correct methods of contraction and relaxation, and to develop training habits in daily life. For example, you can do it quietly when you play on your mobile phone or relax.

Instrument repair

Hospitals now generally use "electrical stimulation" + "biofeedback" therapy to enhance the contraction ability of the pelvic floor and enhance pelvic floor muscle strength. The effect is confirmed by a large number of clinical cases.

If you can’t go to the hospital for treatment or want to stay firm after treatment, you can go home and continue to repair your pelvic floor muscles. Tightening for a while, refreshing for a while, firming and refreshing all the time, don't you start practicing?

Vagina dumbbell

The "vaginal dumbbell" is a ball that can be placed in the vagina, with a small tail at the end, which can be easily taken out after use. Gravity promotes the automatic contraction of the vaginal muscles, and exercises the pelvic floor muscles through contraction exercises to restore vaginal firmness. No. 1 ball is the largest and lightest, No. 5 ball is the smallest and heaviest. It is recommended to start with No. 1 ball for the first time. Because if the volume is not big enough, it is easy to fall out for some women who are relatively loose and difficult to complete the training. After putting the ball into the ball, start training, contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Are Yin-reducing medicines useful?

Vaginal relaxation is not exclusive to postpartum mothers. It is not unusual for any woman to experience vaginal relaxation. It is not terrible. The first thing we need is to face it. Being afraid to speak and being embarrassed does not help us solve this problem. The pursuit of sexual happiness and harmony in family life is what every woman deserves.

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