The symptoms and precursors of hemorrhoids
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The symptoms and precursors of hemorrhoids

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There are symptoms and precursors of hemorrhoids treat hemorrhoids gel factory- Arcmoon

1. the main symptoms of early hemorrhoids in stool, there are spray bleeding, spotting bleeding, hand paper with blood, blood color bright red, external hemorrhoids will not cause bleeding.  

2. falling pain can be the main symptoms of painful external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids without inflammation is not painful, falling pain often occurs in internal hemorrhoids infection, incarceration and strangulation necrosis, also often lead to severe falling pain. 

3, prolapse in the middle and late stage of the main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, the main reason for the internal hemorrhoid nucleus nodules increase, so that the mucosa and submucosa and anal separation, defecation, internal hemorrhoid nodules can drop to the dentate line below, free in the anal canal.  

4, anemia caused by hemorrhoids repeated bleeding and iron deficiency anemia, early female friends often lack of vitality, easy fatigue and other feelings.  Anaemia is heavier or when progress is faster, can appear complexion is pale, tired lack of power, inappetence, palpitation, heart rate is quickened and the breath after physical activity, edema waits.  

5, pruritus and eczema late hemorrhoids repeatedly prolapse, can cause anal extender muscle loosening and secretions increase, causing the anal edge is often wet and unclean, itching and eczema, serious can also cause rubbing pain and itching pain.  

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