Too much sex can cause vaginal relaxation
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Too much sex can cause vaginal relaxation

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I heard that rich experience in sex life will be loose? Many women and men have such concerns, in fact, there are many reasons for vaginal relaxation.

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What exactly is "vaginal relaxation"?

In life, people often refer to "vaginal relaxation". Is this a disease? What are its symptoms?

According to the doctor: "Vagina laxity" refers to the vaginal wall tissue or the supporting ligaments of the pelvis. For some reasons, the original tight structure cannot be maintained and it is loose and drooping.

"Vaginal relaxation", there are no obvious symptoms in milder patients, and severely ill patients will fall, waist soreness, and even stress urinary incontinence, genital tract inflammation and pelvic organ prolapse and other complications.

women vaginal tightening gel for sale- ArcmoonIt is caused by various reasons. Just like people will have bags under the eyes with sagging skin when aging, after getting older, vaginal collagen will also decrease, so there will be sagging...

In addition, it is also related to factors such as pregnancy, vaginal delivery, decreased estrogen levels, obesity, constipation, long-term chronic cough, long-term increase in abdominal pressure, pelvic floor trauma, and history of surgery.

Will a normal delivery make the vagina loose?

I believe this is a concern for many pregnant mothers.

"Successive delivery will make the vagina loose, but the vagina itself has a certain repair ability. The vaginal looseness caused by vaginal delivery will gradually recover 3 months after delivery. However, there are still individual differences in the specific recovery time and degree of recovery. After delivery, you can pass some basins. The bottom exercise promotes the recovery of vaginal elasticity, and makes the loose vagina gradually tighten." The doctor explained.

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But everyone should never choose cesarean section because of this, because cesarean section cannot completely avoid "vaginal laxity". As mentioned above, there are many factors that cause "vaginal laxity". In other words: as long as pregnancy is May cause "vaginal relaxation".

Vaginal relaxation = "experienced sex life"?

Regarding the spread among the people, doctors said that the two have nothing to do with each other.

In general, women’s vaginal walls are inherently strong in contraction, and even the fetal head can be delivered from the vagina. Therefore, it is difficult to say that "vaginal looseness" will be caused by the size of the male external genitalia. And rich sex life experience does not equate to frequent sex lives.

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