Vagina tightening gel improve the life level
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Vagina tightening gel improve the life level

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vagina tightening geintroduction  

Tightening and shrinking Yin gel, after more than 10 gynecology and natural plant experts and professors lasted 5 years of research and development, combined with the ancient Han theory, developed a natural pure plant Yin gel.  All ingredients are naturally grown plant extracts, without any side effects, without any pharmaceutical ingredients, completely reach the edible level of safety, and through foreign trade successfully exported to the United States, Britain, India, Australia and other more than 10 countries, with hundreds of foreign agents.  Tight-shrinkable Yin Gel represents a Chinese brand to the world and has become a high-end brand for natural care of women's private parts in the world.  

vagina tightening gel composition  China manufacturers vagina tightening gel-Arcmoon

Tightly shrinking Yin gel is made of pure natural raw materials, two-thirds of which come from professional cultivation bases around the world, and adopts the most advanced supercritical fluid extraction and ion exchange extraction methods in the field of plant extraction at present.  The special molecular components in raw materials are obtained, and the extracted components are mixed in precise proportion to synthesize the supreme essence of female vagina shrinking gel.  According to the test, the essence extracted from a tight Yin gel contains 3-5 jin of expensive raw materials for extraction.  Tightening and shrinking vagina gel is a natural nanoscale extract that can be quickly absorbed by the vaginal wall to achieve a quick and effective effect of shrinking vagina.  And the natural nature of its ingredients makes it fully edible grade safety standards.  According to the use report, all the components of the Tightensifying Anatomy Gel are absolutely safe, natural, and effective.  

vagina tightening gel efficacy  

1. Fast shrink Yin function.  

After 3 years of use and verification, it can take effect in half an hour, quickly repair the "elastic fiber network of the pudenda" and improve the sensitivity of the peripheral nerves of the pudenda.  And can make the vaginal lining mucosa and many fold tissue full of vitality, in sexual life can increase friction.  

2. Detoxification.  

The pure natural ingredients of the tight Yin gel can remove the bacteria, toxins, dead skin cells and unclean menstrual blood from the vaginal folds over the years.  Eliminate the fishy abnormal leucorrhea and make the excessive leucorrhea get obvious improvement;  Restore the ability of vaginal self-cleaning and self-purification, reduce the occurrence of various gynecological diseases.  

3. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic  

Vaginal relaxation will lead to lower vaginal itching, odor, discoloration, vaginitis, cervical erosion, toxic rise to the pelvic cavity, tightening Yin gel has a preventive and bacteriostasis effect on this.  

4. Raise colour  

Vaginal looseness decreased muscle tone and vaginal mucosa atrophy, lead to estrogen secretion decline, ovarian function decline, vagina and uterus cell ageing, lips dry gray, rough, not fully nourish ovary, estrogen secretion disorder, menstrual disorders, obesity, chloasma, age spots, pouch, wrinkles, aging, disease,  Tightening and shrinking gel can energize a woman's private parts as if they were young, and at the same time make a woman glow, rejuvenate and bask in the sun of her youth.  

5. Uterine care  

It has been verified that the pure natural plant ingredients of the tight and contractive Yin gel can effectively repair and care for the aging of uterine mucosa, stimulate the regeneration of uterine lining cells, enhance the elasticity of uterine lining, activate the immune system of uterine lining, and restore the young state of female uterine lining.  

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