Vagina tightening gel makes you young and beautiful
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Vagina tightening gel makes you young and beautiful

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Vagina tightening gel to adapt to the crowd  

1. People suffering from various gynecological diseases  

It can effectively prevent gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervical erosion, uterine ptosis, leucorrhea stenosis, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, vaginal polyps, uterine fibroids and fungal infections.  

2. Women who have frequent sex  

Frequent sexual life will lead to high intensity wear and tear of the vagina, which needs to be repaired and maintained as soon as possible, otherwise the vagina will be more and more relaxed with the increase of age, and gynecological diseases will follow.  Frequent sex leads to long-term vaginal expansion and contraction, vaginal cell fiber fracture and even damage, vaginal more and more slack.  The use of tight and shrink Yin gel, shrink Yin, repair cell fiber effect is very remarkable.  

3. Women who give birth naturally  Shrinking Yoni Gel-Arcmoon

Because the uterus and vagina were greatly damaged during childbirth, resulting in excessive vaginal relaxation, leading to some irreversible damage, it is urgent to repair the vagina and maintain the uterus.  Tightening Yin gel has a very good repair effect.  

4. Health-conscious women  

Quickly remove the long-term accumulation of old cells and blood clots in the uterus and vagina, eliminate and get rid of harmful substances in the endometrium and vagina, eliminate the source of fungal virus infection, so that the female reproductive organs are completely clean and environmentally friendly.  

Tightening and shrinking Yin gel can obviously promote cell regeneration, shrink vagina function, improve sexual life quality and enhance sensitivity.  

5. Women who love beauty  

Improve and eliminate stubborn pigment spots on face, remove facial obscurity;  Promotes female hormone secretion, activates cells, enlarges breast and beautifies body, makes skin bright, tender and white, delicate and rosy, the color of nipple and vulva can also be lightened, and radiates endless feminine charm.  

6. Senile vaginitis and cervical cancer are easy to occur in middle-aged and elderly women in menopause, and there will be prolapse and protrusion tendency of reproductive organs, so the use of "tight" to smooth through the menopause.  

Method of use vagina tightening gel

Application method of tightening and shrinking Yin gel  

Application method of tightening and shrinking Yin gel  

1. Clean hands and vulva before use, open the package, take out the product, remove the back cover, remove the front protective cover, insert the protective cover into the tube, slowly push the gel tube deep into the vagina, squeeze out the gel, stay for 1-2 minutes and then slowly pull out the gel tube, keep lying on your back for 15-20 minutes until the drug is completely absorbed.  

2. Vulva pruritus is not comfortable, appropriate direct daub, 2~3 times a day.  

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