Vaginal detox gel is a gynecological external care and repair gel.
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Vaginal detox gel is a gynecological external care and repair gel.

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vaginal detox gel is a gynecological external care and repair gel. Generally speaking, it is mainly aimed at various gynecological inflammations, but now there are some gynecological gels claiming to be able to shrink vagina, which makes many women with loose vaginas very curious. Why does gynecological gel have the effect of shrinking vagina? Today I will take you all. Check it out.Feminine Hygiene gel suppliers - Arcmoon

Regarding the use of gynecological gel to shrink the vagina, I hope everyone can have a correct understanding: not all gynecological gels have the effect of shrinking the vagina. Only by grasping the root cause of vaginal relaxation, and symptomatically shrinking vaginal gel for external use can it have the effect of shrinking and tightening. After investigation by the editor, the original intention of many gynecological gels in the market is to improve vaginal problems such as vaginal inflammation, rather than shrinking vagina. If you want to really solve the problem of vaginal relaxation, you must choose a professional gynecological gel that reduces vagina, so that the effect will be more obvious.

It is a vaginal detox gel that has been recognized and praised by users and has a vaginal shrinking effect. According to women who have used gynecological gel, the general vaginal relaxation problem can be felt after a month or two of vaginal tightening. Change, wait until recovery and not repeat. Do you want to know why it has the effect of shrinking vagina? In fact, it is mainly because it follows the scientific principle of shrinking vagina proposed by the law of female reproductive development-the effect of the combination of conservation and conservation.

Experts from domestic and foreign medical schools pointed out that the elasticity of the vagina is determined by "elastic fibers". In patients with vaginal relaxation, the "elastic fiber" breaks and breaks the vaginal elastic fiber network, which is the main cause of vaginal relaxation. Vaginal detox gel uses natural plant extracts to gradually repair damaged or broken vaginal elastic fibers. It also stimulates the vitality of vaginal cells aging due to age, restores the youthful state of the vagina, and improves the vaginal environment during use. Women who are slack can continue to use it until full recovery, and the loose vagina can restore a firm, hydrated and healthy state.

Of course, in addition to the gynecological gel that has the effect of shrinking the vagina, the vaginal shrinking exercise also has this effect, and the exercise does not cost money. Although the effect is not as effective as the professional vaginal shrinking gel such as the gynecological gel, it is also effective for a long time. It can prevent and relieve vaginal loosening.

1. Levator exercise

Concentrate your thoughts, tighten your abdomen, and slowly exhale, and at the same time use your mind to consciously lift the anus upwards. When the air in the lungs is exhaled as much as possible, hold your breath and keep the anus retracted for 2~3 seconds, then relax your whole body and let the air in Enter the lungs naturally, rest for 2 to 3 seconds, and then repeat the above actions.

Note: This kind of yin contraction exercise can be carried out when sitting, lying and standing. 1~2 times a day, 30 times or 5 minutes each time. To avoid rushing for success during exercise, it is appropriate to feel comfortable, the key is to persevere.

2. Intermediate urination

In the process of urination in the toilet, you need to interrupt it. When the urination process is halfway, you must stop urinating, otherwise the urine will be discharged smoothly. After a few seconds, you can continue to urinate. In this way, the muscles around the vagina can be contracted with tension, so as to achieve the effect of narrowing the vagina.

Note: Although holding the urine and reducing the yin can indeed have the effect of reducing the yin, if the holding time is too long, it is easy to cause urinary system diseases, and it will also affect the effect of the yin shrinking, and the gain is not worth the loss. For this, everyone needs to be restrained. For the above exercises, you can keep practicing in your free time using vaginal detox gel such as vaginal detox gel. It can also reflect the vaginal contraction ability and improve the quality of sexual life.

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