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West Orchard Ginkgo

This product comes from Xinjiang, China, which is well illuminated. It is rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, as well as ginkgolic acid, ginkgo phenol, polysaccharide, cholesterol and other components, which helps to protect blood vessels, improve immunity. It can be directly used for food or kitchen.
  • 350g
  • West Orchard
  • West Orchard Ginkgo


Grown naturally , nutritious and delicious


BrandWest Orchard 


Net weight350g/bag
Shelf life12months
Production DateRefer to the seal

Please put in a cool dry ventilated place 

OriginPlanted and packed in Xinjiang 
ProcessPick and wash for three times
FeaturesSense of Nature
QualityPremium and traceable

In West Orchard, every fruit is selected.

I speak for Xinjiang dried fruit.

World Fruit optimized Belt

Origin in Kuqa, Xinjiang

1 Geographic coordinate: 39 Degrees North

2 climatic condition: continental climate in inversion zone

Selecting excellent small ginkgo

Dried apricots are even and complete

1 Manual sorting

2 grow Strongly and develop a flourishing root system

Appear dark brown

Hand opening is easy to peel and crisp

1 natural and healthy

2 selected one by one, checked strictly in every process

We have a dream! The natural and healthy Xinjiang specialties are available for everyone. 

We gather here as such a group of people with dreams, striving for this common goal, we sprinkle the blood of youth on this land, and water it with our soul.

Crispy and delicious

Small ginkgo is produced in Kuqa Xingzi Planting Base in Aksu of Xinjiang Fruit Industry Group, Selected Kuqa small ginkgo, bathed in the long-time sunshine, received the baptism of strong temperature difference between day and night, irrigated by the snow water from Tianshan, cultivated in high-quality soil, chosen carefully through multiple steps, and strictly controled with  high standards.

“Eat delicious food”, this is an attitude towards life.

“Eat delicious food”, this is the theme of "Food Day" in the United States on October 24, 2011. While it brings convenience to the people with processed foods, additives, and pigments, the pleasure of eating and people's health is gradually being taken away. The original intention of the Center for Science in the Public Interest to promote “Food Day” is the hope that people can find the most natural diet, eat natural fruits, meat and cereals, get satisfaction from it, and regain their love for real food.

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