West Orchard Walnut Sweet Food Snack
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West Orchard Walnut Sweet Food Snack

Walnut Chinese date sandwich is produced in Xinjiang with abundant resources, sufficient sunshine and suitable climate. It consists of sweet Chinese date and crisp walnut. Chinese date has the reputation of vitamin king and the effect of nourishing face and treating insomnia. It is often said that walnut brain tonic. This product is loved by people.
  • 300g
  • West Orchard
  • West Orchard Walnut Chinese date sandwich

Walnut Sweet Food Snack 

Nutrition and delicacy


Product NameWalnut Sweet Food Snack 
Net weight300g/bag
Shelf life12months
StoragePlease put in a cool dry ventilated place  

Crispy in sweet, double nutrition

Since then we eat jujube do not spit and walnut do not peel.

Xinjiang has not only vast and beautiful countryside, forest and pasture, but also elegant environment and fresh air. The products of west orchard are grown in this land without industrial pollution.

Authentic origin. 

Grey jujube and walnut from Xinjiang

Nutrition and health.

Warm the lung and moisten the intestines.

Green and safe.

The sunshine time is long and the daily average temperature difference is large.

Unique taste.

It selects elaborately with sufficient sunshine.

Independent packaging

Full body

soft and crisp

Walnut Chinese date sandwich makes a better life!

Quality Assurance

National key industrialization enterprises.

Key poverty alleviation enterprises in the Autonomous Region.

Honorary Certification

We have the domestic and foreign authoritative certification, and many times won the domestic gold medal.

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