What are the advantages of Chinese medicine in treating prostate diseases?
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What are the advantages of Chinese medicine in treating prostate diseases?

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Prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly men. According to statistics, prostatitis in young and middle-aged men accounts for about 25% to 30% of outpatient urology clinics; and benign prostatic hyperplasia is a physiological degenerative disease of middle-aged and elderly people. The prevalence rate is 36%~38%. The older the age, the higher the prevalence rate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia has become one of the diseases that seriously disturb the health of middle-aged and elderly men.

Due to the diverse symptoms of prostate disease, the pathological changes are extremely complex, and the severity of the disease varies greatly. Different etiology time region and individual differences will have different effects on the incidence and outcome of the disease, making the prostate disease complicated Variety, treatment is quite tricky.

For Chinese medicine, as long as the basic theories of Chinese medicine are well mastered, and the treatment is flexible, prostate disease can be restored to normal. Therefore, many patients will eventually choose to use Chinese medicine to regulate the prostate. What are the advantages of Chinese medicine in the regulation of prostatitis?

First, strong sterilization

Due to the special anatomical structure of the prostate, many antibiotic drugs are difficult to diffuse into the prostate or to form a certain concentration in the prostate. For some pathogens such as chlamydia and mycoplasma, antibiotics have almost no effect on them.

However, according to the observation of a large number of clinical cases, traditional Chinese medicine can penetrate more and better into the prostate tissue and directly inhibit or kill pathogenic microorganisms.

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Second, the side effects and drug resistance are small

If a certain antibiotic is used for a long time, drug resistance will inevitably develop. Many antibiotics have toxic and side effects on the liver and kidney. Excessive dosage and long time can cause toxic and side effects on the human body. However, as long as the Chinese medicine for conditioning this disease is used correctly, there is almost no drug resistance. , Generally, it will not cause toxic side effects on liver, kidney and human body.

Third, strong comprehensive conditioning

Traditional Chinese medicine treats by syndrome differentiation. On the one hand, it clears away heat and removes toxins. On the other hand, it also promotes local blood circulation, regulates the pH of prostatic fluid, and improves the functional state of the prostate. It can be combined with perineal fumigation and traditional Chinese medicine suppositories to plug the anus. Local application, acupuncture, massage and other comprehensive treatments can achieve the best results.

The use of Chinese medicine to regulate not only the prostate will return to normal, the whole person's mental state and internal organs will be comprehensively adjusted to achieve the best condition of the body.

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