What is Vaginitis
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What is Vaginitis

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    Vaginitis is a group of diseases that lead to vulvovaginal symptoms such as pruritus, burning pain, irritation and abnormal fluid flow. The vagina of normal healthy women has the function of natural defense against the invasion of pathogens due to the characteristics of anatomical tissues. For example, the vaginal orifice is closed, the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina are closely attached, the proliferation of vaginal epithelial cells under the influence of estrogen and the keratinization of surface cells, and the vaginal pH value maintains balance, so that the reproduction of alkaline pathogens is inhibited, and the cervical mucus is alkaline. When the natural defense function of the vagina is damaged, pathogens are easy to invade, leading to vaginitis.

    With the rapid pace of life, female friends in life and work have to face double pressure, resulting in their own health in daily life do not pay too much attention to, often appear, vaginal itching, tingling, or leucorrhea increased, odor and other phenomena, often have vaginitis phenomenon. So what happens when we get vaginitis?

1. Abnormal leucorrhea.

    Normal female friend's leucorrhea is transparent, or milky white, and the amount is relatively small, when the leucorrhea appears various abnormalities, such as thin foam leucorrhea increase, and has gray yellow, yellow and white thin liquid or yellow green pus secretion.

2. Abnormal vulva.

    Under normal circumstances, vulva will not appear pruritus and other phenomena, but if the vulva appears flushing, itching intolerable, burning sensation and other discomfort, it is necessary to check in time whether got vaginitis.

3. The urethra was abnormal.

    Because vulvovaginal and urethra adjacent, so vaginitis will also be accompanied by urinary tract infection, urination has tingling sensation, in addition, such as frequent urination, urgency, pain, or hematuria and other phenomena, but also because of vaginitis.

4. Pain in the lower abdomen.

    The lower abdomen suddenly intense pain or dull pain, must consider some gynecological emergencies, such as abortion, ovarian cyst pedicle torsion and other emergencies, if the duration is longer, you need to see a doctor in time.

5. Sexual life is difficult, or painful.

    Once got vaginitis, vaginal wall congestion, sexual life will have pain, so need to avoid roommates, timely treatment, keep the vulva clean and dry.

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