What is yoni pearl tampon for vagina detox
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What is yoni pearl tampon for vagina detox

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Basic introduction yoni pearl tampon for vagina deto

In ancient Greece, women often covered wood with linen cloth and used it as a tampon.

The catheter-type tampon was invented by Dr. Earle Haas of Denver, USA in 1929, applied for a patent in 1931, and went on the market in the US in 1936. Another theory is that the tampon is a feminine product designed by a female gynecologist in West Germany in 1950. Because the use of tampons does not affect clothing and sports, it is favored by many people, and European and American women use it more. As Asians do not like suppositories, tampons are rarely used by women in Asian countries.

Structure and typeedit best-Oleege-Yoni-detox-pearl-Arcmoon

The structure and type of yoni pearl tampon for vagina deto

The material of the tampon is mainly made of cotton, man-made fiber or a mixture of these two materials, with a diameter of 1 cm to 1.9 cm, and a cotton thread (draw rope) attached to the end. The degree of arc of the tip of the tampon varies from brand to brand, allowing users to choose according to their own habits. There are often straight lines on the body of the tampon

Type or twill type indentation can increase the ability of the tampon to divert. When absorbing menstrual blood swelling, the catheter-type tampon can be attached with a paper or plastic catheter to facilitate the user to introduce the tampon. The overall structure of the catheter is divided into an outer tube and an inner tube. The surface of the outer tube is smooth, and the front end is rounded for easy insertion. The front end of the outer tube has a petal-like opening. The function of the inner tube is to push the tampon out of the flap-shaped opening of the outer tube in a piston-type advancing manner.

Tampon labeling method: Two water droplets indicate that the absorption capacity is between 6 and 9 grams. Like a sanitary napkin, the tampons also have a different absorption capacity. Because the absorption capacity of the tampon is considered to be related to the toxic shock syndrome in women, After 1988, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearly established the suction standard for tampons.

Historical backgroundedit yoni pearl tampon for vagina deto

Historical background of tampons

In 1929, Earl Haas from the United States invented the catheter-type tampons, which was a complete revolution for women. The most originated history of catheter-type tampons comes from ancient Egypt. Egyptian women wrapped cloth tightly on wood, thus becoming the most primitive tampons. Haas applied for a patent in 1931 and went public in the United States in 1936. Because of the unique design of the catheter-type tampons, women can not affect their sports and clothing at all, and they are favored by many women. But also because of its design, many Asian women are not accustomed to using it.

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