What should premature ejaculation person daily life notice
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What should premature ejaculation person daily life notice

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    Men all hope that they can be more "lasting" in their sexual life. However, many male friends quickly "Disarm" for various reasons, which makes many people feel very troubled. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction, can be said to be too fast lead to dissatisfaction of both partners, poor control ability, affect the interpersonal relationship, husband and wife feelings and men's self-confidence. However, as long as after reasonable treatment and conditioning, the body of male friends will gradually recover.

    How does premature ejaculation recuperate?

1. Psychological adjustment

    In all the properties that lead to premature ejaculation, psychological factors account for the majority of the property. In sexual life, if men's heart is tense, too much work or life pressure, etc., it will lead to premature ejaculation. Therefore, male friends must first have a good mood and attitude, and must eliminate negative psychological feelings. Men should pay attention to adjust their emotions and eliminate their worries, When a woman is pregnant, she is still worried that her sexual organ is too small and her sexual ability is not enough, which causes tension, inferiority and fear. Make sure you relax when you have sex. In this way, we can gradually get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation.

2. Physical exercise

    Physical exercise is of great significance to the nursing of premature ejaculation symptoms of male friends. In some physical exercises, moderate, can improve the relevant spirit, fitness effect, but also can promote the recovery of male friends with premature ejaculation symptoms.

3. Diet adjustment

    Diet is also a good way to treat premature ejaculation, suggesting that men can usually eat more solid food, such food often contains rich zinc, zinc can effectively improve the male human body immunity, is also an important part of semen and sex hormone, such as leek, animal kidney yin deficiency and hyperactivity of fire type premature ejaculation, do not eat too hot food, such as mutton, dog meat, cattle and sheep whip, sparrow, etc, to avoid aggravating the disease.

4. Be in a good mood

    Men should do physical and mental relaxation, do not always focus on whether premature ejaculation, should be stable emotions, experience the fun of sexual life, at the same time, not too excited, this will lead to the recurrence of premature ejaculation.

5. Stop masturbation

    Men should get rid of the habit of masturbation. Excessive masturbation will affect all aspects of men's body, and lead to premature ejaculation in sexual life.

6. Husband and wife often communicate

    At the same time, the wife should understand and care for her husband and discuss the solutions together, which can effectively avoid premature ejaculation.

    In fact, premature ejaculation is not as serious as imagined, as long as with the doctor's treatment, follow the doctor's advice, want to restore to the previous state or very easy. Male friends do not need to worry too much, relax their mood to be more conducive to treatment.

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