Why is prostate hypertrophy
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Why is prostate hypertrophy

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Prostatic hypertrophy can be treated with drugs to relax the muscles of the bladder opening and urethra opening, and make urine smooth, but the disadvantage is that there is no effect if you don't take medicine, so you need to take the medicine for a long time. If the effect of drug treatment is not good, minimally invasive surgery or surgical treatment can be performed. Common operations include electrosurgical curettage and laser surgery, which are used to expand the urethra and relieve symptoms by scraping the hyperplastic tissue.

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Avoid sedentary

Take the muscles, if we pose for more than five or ten minutes in any posture, the muscles will often have feedback indicating that it is uncomfortable. But the prostate does not. It has less connection with nerves. It will respond unless it is really uncomfortable. If you maintain the same posture and inactivity for a long time, the body circulation is not smooth, it will accelerate the development of prostate hypertrophy.

Don't hold back urine

Enlarged prostate has a trend of getting younger and younger. Nowadays, young people are busy with work, often fail to solve "personal problems" and often hold back urine. Over a long period of time, it will cause damage to the prostate, so that there will be prostate problems at a young age.

Chen Chaolong said something that impressed him deeply. He has a very good friend who is a senior executive in the electronics industry. More than ten years ago, that friend needed a long-term business trip because of work. People are always running around on the road, so they often endure peeing. As a result, he was diagnosed with prostate problems when he was in his thirties. Chen Chaolong pointed out that try not to hold back urine for a long time because of being busy, and avoid leaving hidden dangers when you are young.

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