Women vaginal tightening gel
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Women vaginal tightening gel

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Vaginal detox gel generally has no side effects, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding may be caused by a long time. Gynecological gel is used to treat candidal vaginitis, and it will be effective if it is used according to the course of treatment. The side effects are small, and the disease is easy to relapse, so every time the menstruation is clean, another course of treatment is performed for three consecutive months.women vaginal tightening gel quotation - Arcmoon

Since the gel is not absorbed by the human body, does not enter the blood circulation, and does not participate in the metabolism, it will eventually be excreted from the body along with vaginal secretions and has no negative impact on the body. This medicine has the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and can be used correctly under the guidance of a doctor.

Fungal vaginitis is also called Candida albicans vaginitis, which is a fungal vagina caused by a harmful fungus "Candida albicans". Because of the disorder of the flora in the private parts, the molds and miscellaneous bacteria multiply, and the protection of the beneficial bacteria is extremely lacking, it is easy to recur. You have been sick for a long time. At first, it was not controlled in time. Later, it became more and more serious. After taking antibiotics for a long time, the body's immune function decreased, so it always occurred. The harm is very serious. In addition to vulvar itching and abnormal leucorrhea, it can also cause more serious problems such as cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical cancer, pelvic effusion, and pelvic inflammatory disease. The most important thing is that mold can enter the uterine cavity, cause fallopian tubes and ovaries, and affect fertility. Because mold can swallow sperm, the pH changes caused by the imbalance of vaginal flora are also not conducive to sperm survival. In the case of fungal vaginitis, even pregnancy will affect the development of the fetus, such as fetal malformation or miscarriage, and may also be transmitted to the fetus during delivery, causing thrush, perianal candida dermatitis, and affecting the fetus health.

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