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Yoni lubrication gel of the development

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With the development of science and the natural environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the 20th century popular water-soluble lubricant body in a foreign country has slowly fade out in the industry, such as the more popular in Europe and Oceania is greener replaced by plants such as corn, sugar beets, rose extract pure natural body lubricant (except preservatives do not contain any chemical composition),  Or lubrication time longer water grease human lubricant.  

Early human lubricants were mainly composed of glycerol and hydrophilic substances. Later, after improvement, sodium hyaluronate, ethyl cellulose and carbomar were added to reduce viscosity, balance pH and make it as similar to human body fluids as possible, and reduce the incidence of allergic symptoms.  women vaginal tightening gel price - Arcmoon

People have long tried to apply lubricant to the body, but a wide range of application or after 1950, lubricants (liquid) the earliest application in clinical medical examination to the human body: a lot of medical apparatus and instruments are of different level in the body cause mechanical damage, lubricant can minimize the damage to the tissue, mucous membrane.  

Lubricants have also been used in human sexual life for a long time, but early people used vegetable oils such as olive oil.  However, due to the limitation of ingredients, the effect is not ideal, easy to pollute clothes, also not easy to be absorbed by the body;  Later, people also tried to use petroleum jelly, baby oil, bath fluid, massage oil and other petroleum-based mineral oily substances as lubrication;  These substances are often too viscous, not easy to clean.  After use, it is easy to cause residual, and even after use, it is likely to block the urethral opening of both men and women, produce dysuria and pain, destroy the stability of the condom, and cause accidental pregnancy, which will cause harm to the human body.  

The human body lubricants sold on the market are mainly used for the lubrication of sexual life;  The pH value of human lubricant is 5-7 weak acid, consistent with the vaginal environment, excellent human lubricant is the supplement of human secretions, its colorless, odorless, tasteless, no greasy characteristics.  

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